Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Methods Count for and how many times can I use it?

Methods Count has come out as an actual necessity for app developers who simply need to overcome Google's 65K script restrictions. It is a primary tool for more or less experienced developers who need a proper optimization. It is entirely automatic. One can use it as many times as they need, based on how many applications they develop.

Do I need any experience to use Methods Count?

There is no experience needed to use Methods Count. If you have developed the application yourself, you probably do have some experience. If you had someone else do it for you, there is nothing to be concerned about. Given the automatic profile of Methods Count, you can start and run it over your application and expect the results within minutes (or hours) only.

What do I have to do in order to use Methods Count?

There is nothing important you need to do in order to use Methods Count. Simply download the application and use it on your own application. It is quite straightforward and there is no way you can do anything wrong with it. The optimization process is automatic. Once you run it, it will do the entire job by itself, without you having to do anything.

Are there any computer requirements?

Methods Count does not come with any computer requirements. It is a basic text based application whose primary purpose is to optimize your Android application. In other words, you can run it on pretty much any computer or laptop. It is just as useful if you own an old computer. Requirements are basic and will not raise any problems whatsoever throughout the process.

How long does it take for my app to be optimized?

Based on statistics and records, most users have managed to optimize their applications within five to six minutes. It obviously depends on the application, processor speed, and its size. In extremely rare exceptions, optimizing the application took a few hours. But generally speaking, most people go within the average time frame of under six minutes. Simply run the app and you are ready to go.

Are there any risks of being rejected due to using Methods Count?

Methods Count is an optimization application. It will not damage your script or do anything against Google's regulations. Its main goal is to make your app acceptable to Google by altering scripts in a more efficient way. If there is a chance to be rejected, that is before using Methods Count. Once your app is optimized, there is nothing to be concerned about.