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Methods Count is the right way to optimize your Google Play Store application for maximum visibility and integration. Not only does it reshape your application according to the rules, but it also keeps it just like you designed it.


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What can Methods Count do for my application?

Generally speaking, Methods Count will reduce the size of your application and keep it within Google' standards for new applications – a rule that will lead to an instant rejection by the Play Store if ignored.

How does it work? Simple – your script will be altered in order to reduce its size. There are plenty of parts that can be completely useless – for the developer, Google Play Store and the users downloading the app. Clearing those parts is the first step in optimizing the app for Play Store.

Graphics are also altered in a way that will not compromise quality. For instance, it is pointless to use a massive picture of a great resolution when most people will see it in a small resolution on a smartphone or a tablet, so that is a waste of available space.

It is not all about pictures though. Videos are also altered in the exact same way – quality remains the same, while the size is drastically reduced. The same rule applies to any kind of graphics used in the development of your application, so extra space gives you extra possibilities.

Not sure how all these will help you out? Think about Google's 65K restriction then and you will understand how important space is.

Things go even further than that. Removing useless parts of your script and clearing pointless information is not everything. Reducing graphics size does help, but the list goes further than that.

For instance, each application will use multiple files when it comes to graphics. Some extensions and file types are heavier on the system than others. Therefore, they require more space. Methods Count will also change extensions and convert files in order to ensure space efficiency.

These are only the most obvious ways to reduce the size of your application for Google's Play Store. However, optimization goes further than that. Even rearranging the script without changing anything at all will add or clear some space in terms of sizing.