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Google's restrictions are not all about missing on important details, but you also have to sacrifice on another important aspect – your creativity. You have to keep it simple, which is exactly what your users and clients do not want.

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Google's 65K limitations can seriously kill an application. You will have to sacrifice more and more elements until you reach the limit and all these issues will reflect over your popularity and success.

Forget about those rich colors, the sharpness or animations. The even worse news? Most developers have no idea about these restrictions until their applications are ready to go online. This is when frustration kicks in – you have no idea whether you should start all over or just give up.

Luckily for you, we have the solution. Methods Count represents an innovative way to overcome Google's limitations without literally killing the soul of your application. The recently released application will optimize yours in order to be accepted into the Play Store.


If you have created an application for money, you want it to produce and pay off. If you are restricted, certain features will have to go – not anymore, as Methods Count will solve your issue.

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Apart from designing your application according to your own standards, you also gain the opportunity to make even more money.

  • Total compression rate80%
  • Content compression60%
  • Graphics compression50%
  • Animation compression10%

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